There’s so much sky, so much garden (2021)

‘There’s so much sky, so much garden’ is a moving image work born of exploring the pasts, presents and futures of inherited worlds. This work is currently showing here at Wysing Broadcasts.

This piece forms the introduction of ‘Boggoong, Britain’, an ongoing personal body of work rooted in exploring and archiving Filipino food traditions/rituals as well as other cultures and stories from Ilocano diaspora in the UK. 
‘Boggoong, Britain’ takes its name from the Filipino condiment and flavour base made from fermented fish, referring specifically to the sauce widely used in Northern Luzon; while regional definitions/preparations differ, this flavouring is widely referred to as “bagoong” in Tagalog, “bugguong” in Ilocano, or (as my parents and wider family spell it) “boggoong”.